Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dorm Room Tour | Freshman Year

After a month in college, I finally had the chance to put together a dorm room tour. Currently, I’m on the LIRR on my way home for the weekend. I’m lucky that I’m only an hour away from home so I can come home whenever I want.

The transition from high school to college has been great. Since first midterms are over, I can relax a little bit and enjoy my weekends. Other than typical college things like studying, doing homework, eating at dining halls, and hanging out with friends until 2 am, I haven’t had anything interesting to blog about so most of my posts will be scattered. Anyways, enjoy my dorm room tour!

I got my bedding from Home Goods over the summer. I wanted my room colors to be pink and gray so when I saw this bedding, I settled for the purple because it's pretty close to gray. The wooden monogram is from League of Letters on Etsy and the pictures and prints are from CVS.

I love that the bedding is reversible because the different colors give off different vibes in my room. 
I wanted the prints to match the theme in my room so each one has pink and purple elements to it.

The closet in my dorm is actually bigger than the one in my room at home so I easily fit all my clothes on hangers and in the drawers. Under my bed, I have my fridge, two plastic storage drawers, and a shoe organizer and there's still plenty of space.

My desk also serves as my vanity so I have all my makeup and skincare laid out

On top of my drawers I have basic toiletries and hair tools


  1. Your dorm room is the neatest one I've ever seen! Omg <333
    x Van