Monday, January 12, 2015

First Semester Dos & Dont's

I have exactly 2 more weeks of winter break before I head back to college life (I'm so excited to go back!) so here's some lessons that I learned in my fall semester & what I want to improve for spring semester. My main reason for writing this post is to motivate myself to work even harder this semester, but I hope these tips are helpful for others as well!

  • Go to class on time & sit in the front. I will pay attention to the professor & be more focused on the lesson. 
  • Try not to sit with friends & put my cellphone away. They will distract me & I can live without my phone for an hour.
  • Take notes with a notebook & don't bring my laptop. I will get distracted by Facebook/Tumblr.

Resources on Campus
  • Go to office hours if I'm struggling with a concept or just to get to know the professor. I will be needing letters of recommendation later on. 
  • Utilize the tutoring centers because they are free & the tutors are actually willing to help you out. 
  • Talk to an advisor to see if I do want to pursue a career as a PA, what I need to do to achieve that & other career options. 
  • Take a class at the REC center. Try yoga or cycling. After all, I am paying for it with my tuition. 

  • Study first, party later. It's okay to miss out on one party, but the best way to go is to plan out my week so I can go to social events & still have time for homework/studying. 
  • Networking is key. Join more clubs, join a sorority & make new friends. All my friends are from my quad. This semester I want to make more friends that live all over campus that share the same interests as me. 

  • Your planner is your best friend. Use a different color pen for each class/club. It's easy to visualize. 
  • Write out all important due dates from the class syllabus in the monthly part of the planner as soon as I get them.
  • At the beginning of every week, plan out my weekly agenda. Prioritize what needs to be done first based on due date & importance. 
  • If my day is really hectic with lots of non-related school things that need to be done (laundry, go to Target, etc.), use a sticky note to write that stuff down to keep it separate from school related things.

  • Sleep is very important. Don't stay up later than I need to. Although my earliest class next semester is at 10 am once a week (which isn't even that bad), don't stay up just cause my friends are. I'll see them tomorrow anyways. 
  • I put together my spring semester so I have decent spacing between classes. For those times where I have 2-4 hour gaps, I'm going to study in the library instead of going back to my dorm & wasting time. That way, I can relax at the end of the day. 


  1. Hahah. A lot of the things you wrote are things I'm actually planning to do.

    1. Haha, I hope I can stick to this throughout the semester.

  2. Girl! You get it! College is the best best time :)