California Wedding

Merry Christmas Eve! This is the first year where I don't have a Christmas wish list. I feel like I'm at that point in my life where I genuinely have everything that I could need & I'm happy with gaining more experiences rather than materialistic things. I'm excited to spend Christmas with my family in Pennsylvania and that's all I could ever ask for this year. The last time we were all together was in these photos from the wedding back in July. Huntington Beach was the perfect location & the ceremony was so beautiful. I'll have the photos speak for themselves.

Huntington Beach, California

West Coast Vibes

Every year I go on vacation with my family to a tropical island, but this year we ended up in Huntington Beach for my aunt's destination wedding. We also road tripped to Vegas for a couple days. I'll be sharing photos from this vacation in the upcoming weeks, but for now here's a video…

Festival Season

I attended so many concerts, festivals and shows in the last half of 2016. Some were planned months in advance, others were spur of the moment. This has definitely been my favorite festival season so far. I promised myself I wouldn't go to any more shows because I'm saving up for Spring Break! I have yet to go to a camping festival, but that's definitely on my bucket list.


City Lights

These photos were taken back in August, but I've finally had some down time in between studying to post them. I was unsure how to make the Call It A Day draped jacket summer appropriate, but it worked so well with the Turn Me Out wrap top. The jacket is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall & I can't wait to pair it with leggings and heeled booties in the colder months to come.

New York City Hall

Brooklyn Sunsets

Summer has come to an end, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the months leading up to cooler fall weather. I spent my day exploring SoHo and shooting photos on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. It was a perfect way to end the best summer of my life.

Brooklyn Bridge

Collective Haul

Window Shopping

I always make it a habit to take photos of things that I like before I purchase them. Here are some things that caught my eye while window shopping in the past couple months!

Dorm Room Tour | Sophomore Year

My sophomore year ended two months ago so this post is long overdue. But I hope this gives you some inspiration to decorate your dorm room this upcoming year! The key pieces in my dorm room are my elephant tapestry, wooden monogram, & double-sided bedding.

Electric Daisy Carnival NY

This is my second year going to EDC & its just the start of festival season! The weather was overcast all of Saturday & it was right in between my finals week at college, but it was still so much fun. My favorite DJs were Marshmello, Yellow Claw, Dimitri Vegas & Zedd. I wish I was at EDC LV this weekend, but I'm looking forward to MDBP & Ezoo later this summer!

Spring Break 2016

Happy Spring! Today is my first day back at school & morning classes were cancelled because of snow. I didn't have the ideal college spring break, but I had a great time relaxing at home for a week. I got my hair cut in China Town & colored in Flushing, shopped in SoHo & went to see art murals & eat at a cute cafe in Nolita.

Mulberry Street

New York City Eats

To summarize my winter break, it was all about good company & good food.
Here are the amazing new places I visited in the city. I would recommend all of them!

Collective Winter Haul

I love shopping & it's definitely gotten out of hand this winter since I started working at the mall. But I've learned to limit myself. If there's an item I really want, here are some things I do before deciding to purchase it.
1. Go straight to the sale section
2. Try it on in the fitting room
3. Check if the item is cheaper online

When I'm still not convinced if an item is worth purchasing, I take a picture of it. If I find myself constantly looking at the picture, then I know it's worth buying. Goodbye compulsive shopping!

Vince Camuto heels | Topshop lace dress