Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Festival Season

I attended so many concerts, festivals and shows in the last half of 2016. Some were planned months in advance, others were spur of the moment. This has definitely been my favorite festival season so far. I promised myself I wouldn't go to any more shows because I'm saving up for Spring Break! I have yet to go to a camping festival, but that's definitely on my bucket list.


Summer Sixteen Tour | Drake
My cousin & I got suite tickets to see Drake at his first MSG show for the tour. The person who got her the tickets couldn't come so last minute she asked if I could go! I haven't been to a concert with actual seats in so long. I'm so used to general admission and standing only. I previously saw Future when he came to my university for our Brookfest spring concert and I thought he was okay. He performed the same songs, but I still can't understand what he says most of the time. Drake was amazing, singing songs from his new album and his popular favorites. I was hoping he would bring out Rihanna like he did in Canada, but she was on tour in Europe. I lost my voice that night so it was definitely the best way to kick off my summer music shows.


Mad Decent Block Party | Diplo, Dillon Francis, DJ Snake
I only planned on going to Day 1 because I had yet to see Diplo and Dillon Francis and already saw DJ Snake at EDC NY 2016. But I waited last minute to buy my tickets and my friend ended up with extra tickets so I went both days! The line up was better for Day 1, but I had more fun Day 2. Day 1 had a downpour so the show was postponed until the rain stopped. I like to be up in the front & the crowd was really pushy that day. I wasn't familiar with Tory Lanez before this, but now his songs are all over the radio & I love his style. Day 2 was more relaxed. There was no one I really wanted to see. Drake made a guest appearance during a DJs set & I was so close to the stage! I can't believe I saw Drake live twice in one week.



Billboard Hot 100 Fest | Galantis, J Cole, Marshmello, Calvin Harris
Another spontaneous festival with my cousin! She was in town and the tickets were a good price so we just went for it. The weather was overcast which was better than the hot sun in the middle of the summer. William Singe was one performer who I wasn't familiar with, but I recognized his voice from Youtube covers. Galantis was killing it, but we had to leave their set early to get good seats for J Cole at the main stage. It began to pour rain during his set, but it was still a great performance and didn't kill my mood. This was my second time seeing Marshmello and he was awesome as always, but we left early to end the night with Calvin Harris. I have never listened to his sets before so I was expecting to just hear a mix of the songs he's known for on the radio, but he had great transitions & still has that mainstream EDM vibe. Desiigner was performing at the same time. I wish I could hear Panda live, I know all the words! But we did see him in his trailer while we were leaving Jones Beach!


Electric Zoo | Cash Cash, Chainsmokers, Hardwell
I ended up only going Sunday, Day 3 of Ezoo because I really wanted to see The Chainsmokers. This was my first time at Randall's Island & it was a struggle getting through security. We got there pretty late, so we stayed at the main stage only seeing 4 sets. Little by little I made my way to the front. The Chainsmokers set was everything I expected to see & more.


Global Citizen Fest | Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna
My boyfriend got me a ticket to this festival as a late anniversary gift. It was my least favorite festival, very commercialized and I disliked the setup and lack of food variety. Since we came late we ended up in the back of the Central Park field and a barricade prevented us from moving up even though there was plenty of room to get closer to the stage. I was unable to see anything live, so we had to look at the projection screens the whole time. I'm not a Kendrick Lamar fan, but he put on a great performance. Rihanna was the closing act & I'm so happy I was able to see her live. I would definitely see her again.


The Meadows | Bryson Tiller, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West
Great performances, bad timing. Since Kanye West left early because of a family emergency, I really wish I went to see Kygo perform instead. I also didn't see The 1975 because they weren't on the main stage. I really disliked the big gaps in between performances. It was a lot of standing around & waiting for the next performer to come on.


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