Sunday, January 26, 2020

Balayage at Bianchi

I’ve been getting balayage or hand-painted highlights for almost 4 years now & there’s no turning back. It has completely changed my appearance, in the best way. I look at pictures of myself with dark hair & I don’t even recognize myself! 

The key is finding a hairstylist that you trust. I found my hairstylist through Instagram and checked out reviews of the salon on Yelp. At my appointment, I show my hair stylist photos of me from previous appointments & photos from her Instagram that show the color I want to achieve. 

I used to get my hair done every 8 months, but I want to keep my color as light as possible so I want to start going every 4 months. My salon does full balayage & half balayage, so I am going to alternate between the two services every time I go. It saves you money & it saves your hair from less damage.

To maintain my color in between visits, I use Kristen Ess The One Signature shampoo & Amika The Kure hair mask as a conditioner. A few times a month I use the Amika Bust Your Brass purple conditioner. I prefer purple conditioner because it isn’t as drying as purple shampoo.

Two months after my balayage, I decided to cut my hair for the new year.
We didn't touch the color at all & it's just as blonde & blended at the top!

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