Welcome to Miss Justine E! I'm Justine Erica, a twenty-three year old living in New York.
Expressing my love for fashion, lifestyle, & travel through photographs.

Fun facts: I love elephants, mauve pink, marble, donuts, caramel lattes,
electronic dance music, cacti, journals, tapestries & New York City

"Find 3 hobbies you love: one to make you money,
one to keep you in shape, & one to be creative."

Respiratory care: After switching my major 3 times, I finally found a path that can lead me to great opportunities in the health care field. I've learned to just breathe because hard work pays off & everything will fall into place.

Yoga: Morning yoga is the best way to start off the day. Staying present & in the moment keeps me focused on my goals & allows me to relax for one hour of the day. Good vibes only.

Blogging: My love for fashion, photography & web design combined into one. My blog is a place for me to stay inspired & enjoy the little things in life.